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When you use the Rambling Wrecker in Roanoke VA, our personal promise is always to help you, the client. We recognize that having a mechanical failure or having problems isn’t pleasurable which is why it is is vital to make the wrecker experience as easy as possible.

 Tow Service

  • Jump Start/Gas Delivery
  • Automobile Lockout
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Unauthorized or abandoned vehicle removal
  • On call 24/7

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Prefer to Text?  Send NEEDATOW to 26786

Prefer to Text?  Send NEEDATOW to 26786

If you’re experiencing problems with your car or van and want help, contacting us is a wise decision. We are able to quickly get wherever you are and then make sure you get wherever you’ll need to go.

The Rambling Wrecker – Roanoke refers the people who call us to trained companies which provide towing and roadside assistance for every type of vehicle for a number of years. We want to help people who are having difficulties with foreign or domestic vehicles, trucks and SUVs of all makes. We’ll help you with your motorcycle, your motorhome, or other sort of transportation.

Regardless of whether you have a brand new vehicle or a classic automobile that’s ten’s of years old, we’ve got the knowledge getting them running or providing the correct tow trucks to securely carry them anywhere you want them to be taken. Our company’s qualified mechanics have worked on numerous motor vehicles and definitely will help you get yours running quickly.

 Trained Staff

One of the many things that differentiates us from our competitors is the company’s well-trained staff members. Our associates have specialized education in repairing motor vehicles of all kinds. Plus, these guys regularly upgrade their skills to prepare themselves to be able to help stranded motorists get their own personal cars back in service. We also train in the most secure and most effective techniques ways to operate the tow trucks they drive. They know often the right tow truck to use to move the vehicles they haul to make sure they’re absolutely not damaged in transit. This knowledge ensures customers’ motor vehicles are managed appropriately and get to their destination safely.


Our policy is to tell the truth to potential customers regarding their cars in addition to what it will take to move it exactly where it needs so that it can be taken care of. We advise potential clients accurately what time we will get to them, how we will deal with their specific vehicle and exactly how time-consuming that the method will take. We offer upfront prices and provide what we promise.

Prompt Service

As soon as potential prospects reach out us to tow their car or truck, or ask us for roadside assistance, they can rest reassured we will quickly send out a tow truck to where they are. The operators’ knowledge of Roanoke and the surrounding neighborhood means that they know the best as well as most effective way to get to the driver that needs us. People prefer us because they know we will get there quickly and that our tow truck operators will have the tools, and the practical experience to take care of the problem. This approach is very important to us due to the fact that we recognize hanging around in the dark or in rainy weather with a automobile that’s not working can be scary and unsafe.

A Variety Of Tow Trucks

Depending on the kind and size of automobile a stranded driver has, it may take a specific sort of tow truck to securely transport it without doing needless damage to it. A lot of firms take a overall concept to towing motor vehicles. Bear in mind this can lead to all types of problems. We always make it a point to dispatch a suitable tow truck used for the style of vehicle that needs to be towed. We have a broad selection of tow trucks, They include:

  • Hook and Chain Tow Trucks
  • Flatbed Tow Trucks
  • Wheel Lift Tow Trucks
  • Boom Trucks
  • Integrated Tow Trucks

All of our tow truck operators get the instruction it requires to handle a winch pullout, a vehicle jump start, as well as use all kinds of tow trucks correctly to make sure every one of vehicles that they will work on or transfer get to where they are going securely.

We Are Where You Are

When you’re searching for Towing Near Me, The Rambling Wrecker – Roanoke will be in one of the first names to pop up. This offers a lot of benefits stranded drivers. The company’s central location means we know how to get where you are fast. The company’s operators are able to either swiftly get the automobile running or take it to whatever nearest repair facility the consumer wants. Furthermore, considering that we are a local towing company, the short distance we take the automobile should only incur a minimal per-mile rate charge. Bear in mind that could save you cash that can go towards fixing your automobile. The people we serve are members of our community and we want what’s best for them. The next time you’re searching for Towing Near Me, give us a call!

Affordable Prices

We all know that when a driver is stranded on the side of the street with a motorcycle, car, van or Sport utility vehicle that won’t start, the last thing they need to worry about is whether paying for a tow truck or some roadside help will be too expensive. We offer some of the most reasonably priced services for towing around the Roanoke area. When it comes to towing, Roanoke area residents and businesses are able to trust that our fees will not break their budget.

Comprehensive Tow Service 

So, if you’re stuck at anywhere around Roanoke or the surrounding area and have a need for towing, gas delivery or a jumpstart, we want to be the only towing service you need to call or text. One of our company’s highly competent, experienced, tow truck operators will be there rapidly with the specific kind of tow truck along with equipment you require to get be sure that you back on the highway, home or to any other place you require.

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